Innovative Art by

Chu Okoli

Phone/text: 713 291 9456


Artist Statement

My work with concentric circles is a break from tradition.
I'm inspired by the cyclical nature of life and the Universe;

and the balance, symmetry and the energy for which the circles represents.
I use circles as both a method and as tool to express the way I perceive

the Universe and World around me. In painting in concentric circles,

I hope to unfurl a brand new way to relate to subject matter and narrate unique visual stories.

All the circles are painted free hand.

-Grant Award Winner in Painting, courtesy of Adolph & Esther Gotlieb Foundation NY 2018.

-Medici Medal Winner in Painting, courtesy of The Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art Italy 2015.


Mother and Child

(in the clouds)

48” X 72”,

heavy oil on canvas. 2019.