Art appreciation


Title: Art appreciation

Medium: Plastics, styrofoam, wood, raffia, ropes, acrylics.

Dimensions: 12 ft long X 8 ft wide X 7ft high.

Concept: Installation at The Project Row Houses Gallery, Houston Texas. 2002.

An installation created to depict the spiritual essence of chairs unbridled from the bondage of mere functionality.


They have spirits in them. Spirits that were cultivated in ancient times when chairs were not just ordinary furniture, but essential and potent contributors to the moral and spiritual order of societies.

This exhibit titled 'ART APPRECIATION' , tries to reconstruct a part of that past and the elevated status chairs had before the tidal waves of technology swept them onto the shores of cultural neglect.

This display, reminds us of the material world where chairs assume by prolonged interaction the spiritual essence of man and hence become liberated feeling beings themselves.

In this exhibit, the center-piece is a masterpiece art work created and presented museum-style.

The audience is a panoply of chair characters whose love for the piece on display has brought them together to celebrate the excitement of art appreciation.

The diverse materials employed here speaks as much to the nostalgia of the old as it does to the practicality of the contemporary.

The raffia, is a very old staple product from an exotic palm tree, used in domestic and religious activities in various African cultures. A proud memento from a significant spiritual period in time.

Wood is included here to represent one of the most versatile and exploited materials of all times; whose presence still abides in all places and functions.

Styrofoam, plastics and acrylics represents the modern elements of today's dynamic social and scientific trends.

The multiple colors of the chairs shows different personalities and characters in attendance here.

These delicate objects are symbolically arranged to remind us that chairs ought to mean more than just condiments of functionality in our lives.


October 2003.